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Macomb County Divorce Lawyer Guides Clients Through a Difficult Time

Proven Michigan litigator assists with custody, support and alimony matters

How you handle your divorce can be the difference between a resolution that allows you to move forward with confidence and problems that linger long after the marriage is dissolved. An experienced Michigan family lawyer can give you the best chance of a positive new beginning no matter how difficult the breakup is. Dawson Family Law, PLLC in Sterling Heights has delivered effective, personalized counsel to divorcing spouses in the Macomb County area for decades. Whether you and your spouse can agree on key terms involving custody, asset division and spousal support, or you require a strong advocate to protect your interests, my firm will give you the solid counsel and legal support you deserve.

Knowledgeable Sterling Heights attorney advises on dissolution proceedings

Divorce can be traumatic and confusing, but with more than 40 years of legal experience, I offer skillful guidance and sound advice on each aspect of matrimonial litigation, including:

  • Filing requirements — A spouse who has resided in the state for at least six months can file for divorce. If the couple has no minor children, the process can be completed after a 60-day waiting period. For parents, the proceeding lasts for at least six months.
  • No-fault divorce — It is not necessary to allege adultery or some other type of marital misconduct to end a marriage in Michigan. Divorces are granted on a no-fault basis, meaning that the couple only needs to declare that the marital union has broken down and there is no reasonable likelihood that it can be preserved.
  • Asset division — When dividing marital assets, courts follow the state’s equitable distribution law. This means that the allocation of property and debts should be fair, though not necessarily equivalent. Several factors can go into these decisions, including each party’s earning ability, the needs of any children, and any fault that led to the marriage’s breakdown. I work diligently to resolve these matters through mutual agreement but am able to put together a thorough presentation should the issue go before a judge.

Regardless of the particular concerns in your divorce, I keep you informed of your options and potential costs every step of the way, starting with a free initial consultation.

Dedicated firm looks to establish suitable child custody and support terms

Michigan courts, like the courts of every state, make child custody determinations based on what is in the young person’s best interests. State law sets forth 12 factors that go into these decisions. By outlining these factors and how they apply in your situation, my firm can often negotiate fair terms concerning legal custody, physical custody and parenting time (what some jurisdictions refer to as “visitation”). This gives both parents a stake in the outcome and encourages healthy communication on key matters going forward. I also handle a full range of child support issues, including the establishment, modification and enforcement of payment terms.

Effective advocate pursues appropriate spousal support arrangements

Whether a divorcing spouse receives alimony after a marriage is dissolved depends on the couple’s particular circumstances. In some cases, the parties can agree on financial arrangements that give a wife or husband the financial support they need to maintain their standard of living. When the decision goes to a judge, he or she looks at numerous aspects of the marriage, such as its duration, the earning ability of each party and other factors that might affect the fairness of a spousal support determination. I’ll examine your situation, explain what you can expect and vigorously advocate for an appropriate outcome.

Contact an experienced Macomb County divorce lawyer for a free initial consultation

Dawson Family Law, PLLC represents Michigan clients in divorce proceedings and related matters, such as custody and child support cases. For a free consultation regarding your situation, please call 833-671-4445 or contact me online.  My office is Sterling Heights.

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