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Thorough Family Lawyer Handles Michigan Child Support Matters

Proven Sterling Heights attorney advises paying and recipient parents

Laws exist to make sure that all parents meet their children’s financial needs no matter how much time they live in their home. Even though the punishment for failing to pay child support seems clear cut, counsel from an experienced Michigan family lawyer might be necessary to establish, enforce and modify these arrangements fairly. At Dawson Family Law, PLLC in Sterling Heights, I have advised Michigan as well as other States parents on these matters for decades. Whether you are the parent seeking child support or the one required to pay it, I’ll safeguard your rights and work diligently so your son or daughter is supported properly.

Sterling Heights firm assists with rate establishment and modification

Most child support rates in Michigan are based on a formula that takes into account how many nights a child spends in each parent’s home and each parent’s income. My firm advises clients on each aspect of child support law, including:

  • Factors used to determine payment amounts — When setting the rate that must be paid, courts examine each parent’s income. If a paying parent seems to be intentionally hiding or depressing what they earn to reduce their obligation, that income can be imputed and used in the calculation. Allowances are also made for the childcare and health insurance costs paid by each parent.
  • Duration of payments — Child support must be paid until your son or daughter turns 18 years old or until your son or daughter graduates high school, whichever is later.
  • Modifications to orders — Often, one of the elements of a previously set child support rate will change significantly. However, before the rate is altered, the court must revise the order. Parents are not permitted to make changes on their own or withhold payments due to custody or visitation disputes. In situations where circumstances have shifted, I’ll review whether a modification will likely be granted and can file a petition on your behalf.

Whether your child support issue arises from a divorce, a paternity ruling, or the end of a nonmarital relationship, my firm will deliver strong advice and advocacy, starting with a free initial consultation.

Strong litigator represents parents in child support enforcement actions

Failing to make required child support payments can have serious consequences for everyone involved. Accordingly, nonpaying parents risk wage garnishment, driver’s license suspension, the revocation of professional credentials, and contempt charges. If you haven’t received the full payment as mandated by your child support order, waiting to take action could harm your child. My firm seeks to resolve the situation as quickly as possible through effective communication and court proceedings, when necessary.

Contact a responsive Michigan family lawyer for a free consultation on your child support issue

Dawson Family Law, PLLC provides comprehensive legal counsel to parents throughout Michigan and other States on all types of child support matters, including enforcement and modification actions. Please call 833-671-4445 or contact me online for a free consultation. My office is in Sterling Heights.

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