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Spousal Support

Accomplished Michigan Lawyer Pursues Fair Spousal Support Terms

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Husbands and wives rely on each other to meet various needs, and that may mean that one of the partners earns most or all of the family’s income. When a divorce occurs, the lesser-earning spouse might have serious problems supporting themselves financially. To alleviate this situation, courts can order spousal support (sometimes known as alimony) to help the disadvantaged partner establish or regain their earning ability. In other instances, the parties can settle on mutually agreeable payment terms. At Dawson Family Law, PLLC in Sterling Heights, I am an attorney with more than four decades of experience guiding paying and recipient spouses to successful results in alimony matters through skillful negotiation and courtroom advocacy when necessary.

Sterling Heights attorney outlines key elements of spousal support law

Until you go through a divorce, you are unlikely to have a clear understanding of the need that spousal support is intended to serve. Unlike marriage itself, alimony usually isn’t designed as a lifetime commitment but a way for someone to rehabilitate their income potential. If alimony is raised as an issue in your divorce, I offer experienced counsel on:

  • Factors affecting awards — Many elements can be taken into account during a court’s decision on alimony, including the couple’s lifestyle, earning ability and the contribution that one party made to the other’s education or career. Even though Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, when considering a spousal support order, judges can consider if a husband or wife’s misconduct contributed to the marital breakdown.
  • Duration of payments — Spousal support payments can be provided as a lump sum or divided into periodic increments. Again, terms can vary widely based on the individual circumstances, but payments tend to last longer after long-term marriages where one spouse didn’t work outside the home. Likewise, if a party has a disability that prevents them from working, alimony might last indefinitely.
  • Termination of payments — Alimony/Spousal Support ends upon the death of the recipient, or the recipient’s remarriage. In some circumstances, it may also end upon the paying spouses death. Depending upon the type of spousal support and how it is ordered, it may justify a termination or modification.

In a free initial consultation, my firm can evaluate your circumstances and explain what you can expect. From there, I will advocate for a favorable resolution.

Effective family litigator advises on alimony modification requests

Whether alimony terms are agreed to by the parties or delivered by the court, they reflect the situation that exists at the time of the divorce. A job loss, medical condition or new living arrangement can necessitate revisions to the spousal support order. My firm advises clients on the types of changes that justify modifications and petitions for alimony adjustments when warranted. I also represent clients who seek to maintain the status quo.

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Dawson Family Law, PLLC represents Michigan and other States clients in matters relating to spousal support determinations and other aspects of divorce. Please call 833-671-4445 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Sterling Heights office.

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