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Who Pays For a Child’s College Expenses if the Parents Have Divorced?

When determining child support to be paid following a divorce, one of the significant questions that arises is how a child’s college expenses will be covered. Under Michigan law, both parents must share in the financial support of their child, but child support terminates when a child reaches the age of 18 or completes high Read More

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Can Grandparents Be Granted Visitation Rights in Michigan?

Child custody and visitation usually are the concerns of divorced or separated parents, but sometimes other family members claim to have an interest in being part of a child’s upbringing. This occurs most frequently when grandparents feel their relationship with the child is being interrupted. In Michigan, parents generally have the right to deny grandparents’ Read More

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How Does Divorce Affect Your Estate Planning?

Among the important but sometimes overlooked impacts of divorce are the changes that may need to be made in your estate planning. If you currently have a will, a trust or other planning documents in place, there are several steps you should take to review and revise them in order to account for your new Read More

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Making a Strong Case for Child Custody in Michigan

In custody cases, courts generally find that children benefit from having a continued relationship with both parents. However, the court’s role is to order an arrangement that is deemed to be in the child’s best interests. When parents disagree over who should have primary physical custody, the court will decide based on who can provide Read More

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How Covid Vaccination Disputes Affect Divorcing Couples

The vaccines used to combat Covid-19 are sometimes the cause of disputes between divorced parents of minor children. Childhood vaccinations have been part of the societal landscape for decades. Some vaccinations are required for children to enroll in school, while others are recommended but not mandatory. Covid vaccinations are optional among school age children in Read More

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What’s Involved in Modifying Spousal Support in Michigan?

In Michigan, spousal support — also known as alimony — is often awarded in a divorce to a spouse in need of financial assistance, whether for a short or long term. In general, the more financially dependent that one spouse was on the other during the marriage, the more likely that support will be awarded. Read More

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Dividing a Professional Practice as an Asset in Divorce

When a married couple divorces, dividing the assets can be difficult and contentious. Property division can be further complicated when one spouse owns a business, especially if it is a type of professional practice. During a divorce, the family court judge is required to divide all marital property in a way that is fair, just Read More

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Michigan Prenups and Postnups — What They Can and Cannot Do

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are typically thought of as ways for wealthy individuals to shield their assets from gold-digging spouses. But prenups and postnups have become common in many marriages, even when the spouses are on equal financial footings. A fair agreement can allow each spouse to make independent financial and property arrangements during the Read More

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Enforcing a Personal Protection Order Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a general term defining the use of force or intimidation against someone in a close relationship, such as a spouse, intimate partner, child or other relative or household member. It is a common occurrence that can result in bodily harm and even death. Fortunately, there are means by which victims can obtain Read More

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What Expenses Are Not Part of a Child Support Order, and Who Pays for Them?

When a child’s parents live apart from each other, either because they are divorced, separated or never were together, both remain responsible for supporting the child. In Michigan, each parent’s share of the support obligation is determined by their relative incomes and by the child custody arrangement. The amount of support is calculated according to Read More

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